Selected Bibliography

“It may seem obvious to us now, because we are so literate in cinematic language, but the early cinemas began by simply training the camera onto the subject or object and rolling the film. The camera was, then, a conduit for the ‘theatre spectator’. Eisenstein and his mates went their own way. They cut up the film reel and glued the shots back together into formed sequences. Instead of just watching the Tsarists forces crushing the proles,  those scenes are spliced into shots of a bull being slaughtered. Two different events, no literal relationship, montaged together, and you have a new meaning. And because this is an incredibly insidiously emotive methodology, you can manipulate your audience into making them feel what you want them to feel. Often, and eventually, so subtly, that they don’t even know it is happening.”

Art Film – Originally in Subtitled Online

“…decriminalization or legalization is about industrializing prostitution, allowing the richest pimps to leverage their capital to create larger brothel businesses and chains.

In a way, it reminds me of the legal situation for businesses in the US. There, corporations are legally termed “persons” and their financial activities are termed “freedom of expression.” Money and business is given the vernacular of the personal, which is key to the neoliberal project. I see this political peddling around the identity of “sex worker” as a part of the same culture.”

‘Neoliberalism, ‘sex work,’ and the ‘middle-classing’ of prostitution.’ Feminist Current

“The internet sex industry has become the paragon of the idea of an idealised femininity as a sexual locality: a homing ground for masculine gratification, distorted to look like female empowerment though exposure, manufacture and branding. The internet has become a realm wherein individual workers could persuade punters of their own specific brand, manufacturing their image to appeal to what they imagine to be their own audience. In this way, it is not pornography that is the theory of prostitution, but pop music.”

“The middle classing of prostitution: the social climb of the sex trade.”  The F Word

“In the 1970s there were a lot of debates about whether or not women should receive wages for housework, but many feminists felt that this would crystallise the idea that domesticity was women’s work. UBI on the other hand is a basic economic sustenance that is paid to a woman by virtue of her humanity, not her femininity, which is in any case a social imposition demanding of her submissive agreeableness.”

Universal Basic Income: Breaking the Vicious Circle The Morning Star

“Sex is just another in a list of things to get done. In the evening, they flounce in from their grey labours, shoulder down in front of a wide screen, and hand grab their small screens, ready for a long old twiddle. It contains the endless entertainment needed for all the sitting down they are about to do. Sitting down with acid cheap wine, bought because of their acquaintance with the brand. The brand so often used to slice, in advert, between those buddycoms they are so fond of. Because you don’t need actual friends! You have Sit Friends! And industrial grade gut rot.  You can ride right up Jacob’s Bunch of Shit Creek, and you don’t ever have to feel alone.”

Sex and Social Media Originally In Permanent Opposition

“Yes the artist, if successful, gets paid, but it is understood that if they  are to be good at it, their own artistic, spiritual or intellectual  concerns are foremost. They gain their audience because of this  very lofty individualism. The one subsisting on prostitution is always muzzled and thus, constrained to speak kindly of it, for as long as she is dependent. Only women outside of prostitution or those who have exited can operate with theoretical freedom, but the former dare not speak, and the latter often preference to leave the whole, sorry mess behind them. And if they do, as art and thought is still gunned through a masculinist conceptualising, their dangerousness as social commentators must be immunised by relegating them to the sentimental, foolish, parochial and petty minded.”

Artless Whores Originally In Permanent Opposition