Rae Story (that be me) is a blogger, writer and would-like-to-be provocateur, but is stifled in this regard by her deep and  overwhelming need to be liked.  She wants to dance to her own tune, but for the same reasons as listed above,  limits her maverick-isms to wearing slightly cheery coloured scarves and using words like ‘cool’ and ‘groovy’ to people in sub-par positions  of authority. Such as bank clerks and job centre coaches. And bus drivers.

As is the current case of every person under the age of 40, she is an unemployed blogger, who would far sooner trade away her civic and human rights for a rather pathetic amount of  vindication and attention. And would, in a minute, shop her nearests and dearests  (purportedly for their dissent, but in reality for their rank dilettantism)  to the authorities should The Paul Nuttall State ever  take the reins. She, indeed, has a weird fascination for Paul Nuttall… mostly because he looks a mixture between a boiled egg and a thumb, and uses phrases like ‘cultural Marxism’.

She has written for presses such as The Morning Star and Feminist Current. Other feminist presses, she has previously contributed to, now ignore her pitches. She imagines it is because she doesn’t always have nice things to say about The Pimp Movement, which is feminism’s current cause du jour. It could also be because she is really shit.

She is currently writing a novel called what they call silence. Its pretentious, constantly breaks the literary fourth wall and every other creative writing class rule known to man, woman and monkey (increasingly the most voracious readers of paper back and pulp, her target audience).

She’d  like to do a PhD one day if she can triumph over her fear of talking out loud and can finally quit the urge to yodel/screech/mash potato whenever she is spoken to by a serious person. Alternately she’d like to be a permacultural cucumber gardener, crystal healer, literary busker,  Jeremy from Peep Show, a disgraced Tory MP or in any case, full time fucking Scandalous.

One day she would like to have a garden. In said garden she would put a Billy Goat she would call Filly Buster…an oblique reference to the absurdist posturings of MP Philip Davies, and the obstructionists of the MRA movement, more generally.

She used to write for free but ever since leaving her duties as a sexually repressed and stifled housewife, she is now poor, and mostly will only submit articles and op-eds for money (unless there is a good reason otherwise) which probably means she’ll almost never write again.

I am including her (my) email which you can use if:

  • You want her to write something for your magazine or website and you are able to offer her at the very least, a bit of coffee money for it.
  • You want her to write something for you, you have no coffee money to offer, but you think it might be good for her or a specific good cause.
  • You don’t want her to write anything , but you would like to give her some coffee money anyway. Either in thanks for her writing and/or because you’d like her to stop/STFU. The email provided works in PayPal and you can alert her to your preferences in the box provided.
  • Other. Maybe you just want to tell her that you thought of her when you had a tuna pickle sandwich, the other day, and thought she probably might want to know. I mean, she doesn’t, but everyone has their own imperatives.


Email: raycstory@gmail.com